​În vârstă de 41 de ani, Sophie Ellis-Bextor a postat miercuri o fotografie pe contul personal de Instagram cu care a reușit să-i șocheze pe fani. Artista a putut fi recunoscută cu dificultate printre vânătăi, zgârieturi și pansamente.

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Ce s-a întâmplat? Cântăreața a căzut cu bicicleta în timp ce se plimba pe malurile Tamisei. Bucuroasă că a ieșit din izolare (acolo unde s-a aflat împreună cu soțul și cei 5 fii: Sonny, 16 ani, Kit - 11 ani, Ray - 8, Jesse - 4 și Mickey - 17 luni), Sophie a ieșit la o mișcare. Acțiunea s-a încheiat din păcate cu o spitalizare.


Read My Lips (2001)

Shoot from the Hip (2003)

Trip the Light Fantastic (2007)

Make a Scene (2011)

Wanderlust (2014)

Familia (2016).

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EDIT - hello all. Thank you for all the lovely messages. I should have said that the main reason I posted was to thank the incredible folk who stopped and helped (although the sympathy is very cheering) so don’t worry I’m ok and being well looked after. Richard has been amazing and the kids are being very sweet ❤️ Lots of love. I ended up in a&e last night after I took a tumble from the tow path down to the side of the Thames on my bike during an evening cycle. I’ve put the photo in black and white so it’s not too gory. \uD83E\uDE78I am ok, just a bit bruised and sore. I want to thank the ambulance crew and the staff at west mid hospital (where I was born, as it happens) for gluing me back together. I also want to thank Lucas, Colin, Josh and Willow who were 4 runners who stopped and helped @richardjonesface and I when I hurt myself. You were so calm, thoughtful and reassuring. Thank you very much. I hope you see this message as I didn’t get your details. You’re all lovely people. Xxxx

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